Our projects portfolio — for us, it is the only way to translate a vision into reality.

Our history in working with municipalities gives us important experience and expertise in the planning, design, and construction of civic projects from museums and fire and police stations to interstate rest areas.

Our owner/developer relationships build on our commercial successes — our ability to understand and interpret client goals and aspirations, assess feasibility, plan and creatively design and construct profit-based office, retail, service, or wharehouse developments.

Inviting, classy, chic and functional are just a few of the words that should come to mind when you see a great hospitality project design by Wright Group. We are experienced in many different styles and purposes for these types of venues in the hospitality industry.

Wright Group’s experience encompasses new, renovation, and expansion projects for institutional clients. These include planning, design, and construction of administration headquarters, maintenance and vehicle services centers, and schools.

Great design brings appreciation to any structure regardless of the purpose. Hospitals and medical offices are needed in every community, at the Wright Group we feel honored to bring stunning design to the exterior and interior of these important medical projects.

New projects, renovations, and expansions for our religious clients include a complete understanding of the church’s immediate requirements, motivations, and resources while addressing long-range planning for growth and expansion of religious projects.

Residential classical, or contemporary, our residential projects design is double-faceted – it realizes the optimum requirements of a house and reflects the owners’ personality and character that makes the house their home.

“Drive-up appeal” is essential to the success of owners’ retail/restaurant projects. Wright Group assists in location selection, prototypes theme concepts, and writes construction process specifications that facilitate leasing and marginalize move-in expenses.